Robert Spurling – Learn To Disappear ( REVIEW )

Hey guys, im back with another review.
This song was originally composed by Robert Spurling.
Duration: 3:38 min

First to start it off, the music was very sentimental and slightly ”heavy”.
It’s a very good combination of harmony, riffs and string arrangements are
amazing. Good use of guitar effect pedals and drum fills.

I recommend everyone to spend 3 minutes of their life listening to this song.
In my perspective, I find it motivating and made my mood swings better.

Such a masterpiece I have ever heard composed by a Youtuber. I have been
listening to this song some time now and why not tell everyone about the beauty of this song.

My Ratings: 9/10

Kudos to Robert Spurling


Video review: Pewdiepie Outlast part 1

this vid is part 1 of the 12 episode series featuring pewdiepie
playing a brand new releasing game called ‘Outlast’.
This video might not be suitable for someone with a faint heart.

What I love: This episode really is a great start to the game, Suspense occured during the first step inside the asylum. graphics were good, mic sound is good,Pewdiepie came up with funny lines and such. It takes a short time for Pewdiepie to adapt himself to hell on earth which makes this episode fun and not ”wasting time”. kudos to Pewdiepie.

Views on Youtube: 2,499,384 views and counting
Duration: 17:53min

*contains brutal graphic, colorful vocabulary and disturbing parts*

Using Instagram to Grow Your Blog or Personal Brand

I think this is a great way to promote blogs especially for beginners.

The Daily Post

Some of you may not use Instagram as actively as others, but even if you’re not an addict of the app, it might offer a new outlet to build your personal brand. After all, your site is just one aspect of you — if you’re on Instagram, perhaps you can find ways to bridge these two networks and grow your online presence.

Looking to give your site a boost and reach new audiences? From a custom domain to advanced SEO tools and more design options, there’s a plan that’s right for you.

Lead new visitors to your site

The simplest thing you can do? Include your site URL in your Instagram profile, so your followers can access and explore (the mobile version of) your site.

If you post regularly, keep the link in your Instagram profile current. If you’re a travel photographer who has just…

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